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We’re At Work! TM From the industrial uniform rental laundry service in Atlanta, Georgia to selling (only) uniform and other textiles... At Work Uniforms was started in Birmingham, Alabama in November 1991, by Shannon and Chuck Campbell. One of the manufacturers, Artex International, Inc. of Highland, Illinois, offered to allow the company to sell their products (which are table linens, napkins, banquet table skirting) here in the United States. As a distributor, the company chose the trade name Liberty LinenSM and began selling linens, Chef’s coats, kitchen apparel, and waitestaff garments to the food and beverage industry in fine dining restaurants, country clubs, and resorts. Many Chefs now know and trust the name Liberty LinenSM. In 1993, the company relocated its offices to Orange Beach, Alabama (Gulf Shores area). The business now resides in a 13,000 square foot office and warehouse facility. In 2005, the company opened its warehousing and sewing operation in Irondale, Alabama (Birmingham), a 9,700 square foot facility housing production and sales staff. The company has maintained its trade name of Liberty LinenSM on Gulf Coast. Today, the facility houses our largest inside-sales organization and general accounting. In 1994, the company created the trade name of At Work Uniforms® was created and the company effectively changed its direction into the business of corporate uniform and apparel programs. In October 1994, a lease was signed for our At Work Uniforms® facility in Irondale, Alabama (eastern side of Birmingham); and, come January 1995, the company’s name was formally changed to At Work Sales Corp. and the two brand names At Work Uniforms® and Liberty Linen TM expanded to Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, New York, Connecticut, California, and Nevada. Now, the company is comprised of 50 fulltime employees, located in 10 states, with manufacturing in Alabama, Tennessee, and Illinois. The State of Alabama, along with numerous other states have certified our woman-owned business status. With good people & good customers, there’s nothing stopping us in this our 20th year!
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1818 1st Avenue South
Irondale, AL 35210
United States
33° 32' 13.9704" N, 86° 42' 32.0364" W
(205) 999-3544
(205) 533-6099
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Charles Campbell
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