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Mold Remediation MicroClean Business Program: We create a hypoallergenic and germ free workplace Restaurants: Remediate/Remove Salmonella, Listeria and E.Coli from work environments Hotels: Create hypoallergenic and germ free rooms for hotel residents Microbial Solutions, Rx uses a proactive approach to save businesses revenue from worker absenteeism and low productivity due to illness. 80% of worker absenteeism is attributed to workers becoming ill due to unclean, germy surfaces. Microbial Solutions, Rx disinfects and sanitizes these surfaces to prevent harmful germ and bacteria from living on the surfaces, therefore preventing the spread of viruses throughout the workplace, also allowing employers to offer a hypoallergenic environment.
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41168 Portobello Rd
Birmingham , AL 35242
United States
(205) 440-2080
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Walter Johnson
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