September Board Minutes

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Jennifer Gowers, Chairman, presiding with the following board members present:


Mairs Baxter

Teressa Eades

Chris Nelson

Adrienne Whitehurst


Absent Board Members

Renee Deason

Elizabeth Grady

Tynette Lynch


Greater Birmingham CVB Staff Present

Bridget Carter




Minutes of the August meeting were distributed prior to and at this meeting.  Motion of approval was made by Eades, seconded by Baxter, and passed unanimously.





Beginning Balance on 8/1      $11,645.50


Deposits ($2,389.00)

  • Transfer from PayPal   $ 1,500.00
  • Dues                                   525.00
  • Meals                                    364.00


Disbursements ($1,151.64)

  • Modwest                     $       14.95
  • Transfer to Savings            100.00 (recurring)
  • Hyatt Regency                  1,036.69 (June meeting)


Ending Balance on 8/31          $12,882.86



Beginning Balance on 8/1        $ 9,118.21

Deposits                                         100.39 (recurring transfer from checking + interest)

Withdrawals/Debits                             0.00


Ending Balance on 8/31          $ 9,218.60



Beginning Balance on 8/1      $ 1,961.85


  • Dues                                   250.00
  • Meals                                    176.00
  • Transfer to Checking       1,500.00
  • Fees                                   (-14.47)


Balance 8/31                              $   873.38



TOTAL ASSETS--------------------$22,974.84


Gowers recommended that $2,000 be transferred from the checking to savings.  Motion was made by Gowers, seconded by Baxter, and passed unanimously.  Carter will also transfer some funds from PayPal into checking.  




Communications – Chris Nelson     

Results of the August meeting survey (5 being the highest):

·         Speaker – 4.6

·         Food – 4.1

·         Location- 4.8


Nelson read the comments and suggestions.  The Alabama Theatre, Courtyard Downtown/UAB, and Mellow Mushroom Inverness location are interested in hosting. 


Website updates are needed.  Outdate announcements will be removed.  Board meeting minutes will be posted; committees listed; government links and snippets added; tabs will be removed that are not being used.  Photos from the golf tournament will be posted as well.  A gallery page can be created. 


Nelson will ask Colin Quarello to pull a statistics report that will show how many hits we’re receiving.  CAHABA has 300+ Facebook fans.  Gowers requested that because today is September 11 a memorial be posted.    

Community Service – Adrienne Whitehurst

A date and time for the Wagon Wash at Children’s Hospital will be arranged.  Gowers suggested November on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. 


The plastic shoe boxes have been ordered and will be distributed at the October meeting.  A list of items for the toiletry drive will be inserted.  This list will also be posted on the website.  It was suggested that the CVB’s presentation be scheduled for every October and the boxes distributed.        


Education – Teressa Eades

Meeting locations and speakers for the last quarter of this year:

·         October 9 – BJCC; Greater Birmingham CVB

·         November 13 – The Jimmie Hale Mission

·         December 8 – Holiday Party at The Tutwiler (celebrating its centennial year)


Planning for the party will begin next month.  Eades will also work on scheduling the speakers and locations for January and February.  Locations to consider are the Alabama Theatre, Birmingham Zoo, Sloss Furnaces, and Sports Hall of Fame.       


Membership – Mairs Baxter reporting

Those who are due to renew in September have been contacted. 

New member is Chance Walters, Knight Restoration Services, who was introduced to the association by Baxter. 

Guests/potential members attending today’s meeting are Jeff McDowell of Alliance Protective Services (plans to bring a check with him; prospect of Nick Kopp); Marvin Harrell of Saks Fifth Avenue (Elizabeth Worrell is the main contact); Megan McKelvey of Jamm Entertainment (Geoff Carlisle is the main contact.) 

Kathy G. Mezrano of Kathy G. & Company plans to join.  She can’t make the meeting, but emailed to say that she wants to receive the meeting notices (prospect of Gowers). 

Chris Arvin of Asian Rim and Jonathan Bird of Mellow Mushroom attended last month’s meeting and have received an application and membership fact sheet.  


Scholarship – Adrienne Whitehurst

Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded in December. 




Whitehurst announced that she is expecting her second child, and more than likely, she will be on maternity leave when next year’s golf tournament takes place.  Elizabeth Grady gave birth to her second son last month.  Flowers or a gift basket will be sent to her on behalf of the board.


All were asked if they are interesting in serving on the board next year.  Only Baxter responded that he was not.  Eades stated that she’d like to oversee the Membership Committee instead of Education.  Gowers will contact those who are absent.

Carter will email the membership asking for nominees.  Ballots will be distributed next month, and elections take place by the November meeting.


Gowers distributed a copy of a letter/email from Allen Simmons, new President of the Southeastern Blind Rehab Center Alumni Association, addressed to Mayor Bell’s office.  Simmons would like June 5, 2015 proclaimed as “Southeastern Blind Rehabilitation Center Day”.  The Mayor, Council, and City employees are encouraged to sponsor a team, a hole, individual golfer, or blind vet.


Simmons lives in Orlando.  The association has no local leadership.  Gowers stated that he wants to revamp the tournament, do things differently.  She had a blunt conversation with him, expressing our concerns.  CAHABA should be the alumni association’s launching pad.  The responsibility of organizing the tournament, getting sponsors and teams should not be totally on us.


Karl and Myra Harper will be invited to attend next month’s meeting where a giant, mock check for $3,700 will be presented.  This can be done at 10:45 am during the board meeting.  A photo will be taken for press release. 


Chris Nelson stated that he will be in Orlando in late April and can touch base with Simmons if necessary. 


The board will consider supporting a different organization in 2016.        





With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

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