May Board Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Chris Nelson on Wed, 07/08/2015 - 09:04




THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM



Elizabeth Grady, Chairman Elect, presiding with the following board members attending:


Nick Kopp

Raymond Osbun

Chris Nelson

Courtney Sanak

Jason Whitehurst


Absent Board Members

Jennifer Gowers

Tynette Lynch

Adrienne Whitehurst


Greater Birmingham CVB Staff Present

Bridget Carter





Minutes of the April meeting were distributed prior to and at this meeting.  Motion to approve was made by Osbun, seconded by Sanak, and passed unanimously.




Copies of the April Financial Report were distributed.



Beginning Balance on 4/1      $ 8,279.10

Deposits                                     1,853.75

Disbursements                           2,374.72

Ending Balance on 4/30             7,758.13



Beginning Balance on 4/1       $11,920.63

Deposits                                        100.00

Withdrawals/Debits                             0.00

Interest                                                  .29

Ending Balance on 4/30          $12,020.92



Beginning Balance on 4/1      $     412.14

Income                                        1,203.75

Fees                                                 (33.99)

Balance 4/30                             $ 1,581.90



TOTAL ASSETS                                    $21,360.95




Communications/PR – Nick Kopp reporting

Eighteen have signed up thus far for next month’s Restaurant & Business Tradeshow.  Kopp will cap it at 25.  He will get a copy of the logo used for the March tradeshow from Gowers, but has created a flier of his own with the spotlight focus on foodservice.  Grady recommended that we move forward with his.  Kopp will contact Gowers to make sure the caterer at Crossplex, Yellow Bicycle, is told it can have a booth and is okay with restaurants bringing food.


Kopp has donated the photo paper on which the review/feedback cards will be printed.  He’ll create a new design with review info on one side and marketing for an event on the other side or advertisement from the host.  We could also do a calendar of upcoming meetings.  Grady will purchase the acrylic table tents on Amazon, 24 for about $50.       


A list of meeting locations and speakers for the remainder of the year is needed from the Education Committee. 


Community Service – Courtney Sanak reporting

Only five volunteers are needed for the Wagon Wash on June 27, and five have signed up.  In August or September donations will be collected for the Humane Society. 


As attendees arrive for today’s meeting, Sanak will ask if any want to volunteer for the golf tournament.  Volunteers will be asked to arrive at 7:00 am.



Whitehurst stated that our meeting hosts need to be reminded about the exposure they get in hosting us, and that it’s not about them making a profit.  Grady suggested that a tier of price levels needs to be drafted for Gowers and Lynch to pass along to prospective hosts.  Grady and Carter will work on this. 


Golf Tournament

Sponsors are the Greater Birmingham CVB ($2,000 which includes the beverage cart), Greenhalgh Insurance and Bright House (hole sponsors).  Team commitments were received from Bright House, Royal Cup (will have four players), Southern Museum of Flight, Cahaba Fitness, the CVB and Sheraton/Westin.  Osbun announced that his company would be a hole or team sponsor whichever was needed more (team sponsor).  Chris Nelson stated that Best Western has not confirmed but may have a team and a prize donation of a 3-night stay at the Best Western Hollywood Plaza. 


Individual golfers are Jason Whitehurst, Nick Kopp, James Robinson and one other with Alagasco and Mr. and Mrs. Mark Davis of Vettes for Vets.  Amongst those to reach out to are Alabama Power and ESPN. 


During lunch today, Grady will announce the sponsors and teams that have committed.  Joe Anderson, our speaker for today, may have someone representing the rehab association alumni who can do an interview on ABC 33/40 with Grady.          


Follow up will be done with Gowers on the signs and where we stand with the Mayor’s office on proclaiming June 4 as a day to honor blind veterans.  She is also working on securing door prizes.  Kopp announced that four commented on last month’s meeting survey that they’d like to donate prizes.      


Kopp will ask Jeff McDowell of McDowell Security if he can supply us with walkie-talkies to use on the course.  


Carter brought samples of golf shirts and hats from Geoff Langdon.  After looking at the samples, the board decided that Langdon should be asked if we can order the shirt we already have at the same price as At Work Uniforms.  That way, we won’t have two different shirts in different colors.  The cap can be tan or grey.  Grady and Carter will work together on this.      


Membership – Jason Whitehurst reporting

Renewals were received from Alicia Andrews, Birmingham Botanical Gardens; Nikki Jordan, Bessemer Airport Authority; Stephanie Mason, The Hotel Highland Five Points South; and Mike Whitcomb, Brookstone Building Company (new contact). 


Cristina Almanza of Samford Wright Theater is a new member.  Almanza participated in the Attractions Tradeshow.



With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


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