February Board Minutes 2015

Submitted by Chris Nelson on Mon, 03/16/2015 - 15:40







Adrienne Whitehurst, Chairman, presiding with the following board members attending:

Nick Kopp

Jennifer Gowers

Elizabeth Grady

Tynette Lynch

Courtney Sanak

Jason Whitehurst

Absent Board Members

Chris Nelson

Chance Walters

Greater Birmingham CVB Staff Present

Bridget Carter



Minutes of the January meeting were distributed prior to and at this meeting. Motion to approve was made by Gowers, seconded by Whitehurst, and passed unanimously.


JANUARY FINANCIAL REPORT – Elizabeth Grady, Chairman Elect

Copies of the detailed report were distributed.


Beginning Balance on 1/1 $ 6,823.31

Deposits 3,272.00

Disbursements 1,587.46

Ending Balance on 1/31 8,507.85


Beginning Balance on 1/1 $11,619.76

Deposits 100.00

Withdrawals/Debits 0.29

Ending Balance on 1/31 $11,720.05 2



Beginning Balance on 1/1 $ 1,609.91

Income 76.00

Transfer to Checking (1,400.00)

Fees (-3.40)

Balance 1/31 $ 282.51

TOTAL ASSETS $20,510.41



Bridget Carter announced that Geoff Langdon of Advantage Marketing was the only member who responded to the email asking for committee volunteers. Langdon wants to assist with Communications/PR and Golf Tournament.

Sign-up sheets for each committee will be placed on a table near registration.


Communications – Nick Kopp & Chairman Whitehurst reporting for Chris Nelson

Whitehurst stated our Facebook page and website are not being updated in a timely fashion. The posts are great, but we need to market our meetings/promote the next meeting as soon as one is completed. The committee will work on it.

Whitehurst read Nelson’s emailed report. Nelson thinks we should order a PayPal Here Swipe box which is free. When used, we’d pay 2.7% commission. Nelson recommendation would be to use it at meetings. Receipts can be emailed, invoices sent, and we can keep track of cash receipts and email receipts for cash payments. He suggested we charge $17.46 to members and $25.68 for non-members, so we’d still net the same amount.

After discussion, the board decided that using the swipe box is beneficial for the golf tournament but not for the meetings (Gowers has offered the use of hers for the past two tournaments). Not having it doesn’t affect an increase in membership.

Kopp received five board member responses to the membership benefits survey. He’ll forward the results to Carter. Last month’s meeting survey results are 3.8 for the food, 3.8 for the speaker, and 4.7 for the location. The board agreed that we should go back to having Dreamland when we meet at Vulcan as well as having there in the spring instead of winter. The set-up there is also better for the Smith Travel Research presentation.

Nelson made arrangements for Mike Nelson of MLN Photos to take headshots of those needing one after the board meeting. 3



Community Service – Courtney Sanak reporting

A written report of committee goals, events per quarter, and future opportunities was distributed. Serving dinner at the Ronald McDonald House was set for February 26th. Eight to ten volunteers will be needed, ages 16 and older. Whitehurst encouraged Sanak to create a fun flier to be emailed to the membership next week. RSVP’s will go directly to her.

Although listed on the report for Q1, the Children’s Hospital Wagon Wash will be rescheduled for April. The golf tournament occurs in June, donations to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society will be collected during Q3, and CAHABA’s annual shoe box toiletry drive for The Jimmie Hale Mission will take place at the November meeting.


Education – Jennifer Gowers reporting

Andy Tolar of Design Productions was asked to provide AV for today’s meeting. Because he did so at no charge to the association (a $1,015 expense), Gowers asked the board to consider waiving his membership renewal fee.

Motion was made by Gowers, seconded by Jason Whitehurst, and passed unanimously to waive Andy Tolar’s membership renewal fee in lieu of AV services.

Gowers arranged for fun, upbeat music to be played during registration and while everyone is eating.


March Meeting

Gowers presented a choice of two logos to be used in promoting the March meeting – “Lights Camera Action Focus on Attractions”. She volunteered to cover the cost of the one selected by the board.

The tradeshow will be scheduled for 11:30 am – 12:30 pm. Lynch suggested that each attraction be asked to bring a prize and do a drawing from their individual booth. Grady will contact Savoie to do the catering. As host and speaker she will promote Women in Flight during National Women’s History Month, play music, and do a fun game.

Gowers and Lynch will meet soon to plan a meeting calendar that will be emailed to the board. The Birmingham CVB will again sponsor Smith Travel Research as our speaker in April. Gowers will contact the Hilton Perimeter to host. The May meeting will be at the McWane Science Center. It was suggested that the tradeshow of restaurants and businesses be done in May and the one for hotels and venues be scheduled in August or September.


Golf Tournament – Jennifer Gowers reporting

Gowers stated that Allen Simmons of the blind veterans alumni has been aggressive in approaching Mayor Bell’s office about the tournament. Adrienne Whitehurst requested that we start marketing the event in May. 4



Government Affairs – Tynette Lynch

The legislative session starts Tuesday, March 3rd.

The annual Legislative Tourism Bash will take place in Montgomery at the RSA Center on April 14th. The board was asked to continue its support with a $1,500 sponsorship.

Motion to approve this sponsorship was made by Gowers, seconded by Jason Whitehurst, and passed unanimously.

Grady stated that she would like to volunteer again.

The Alabama Governor’s Conference will take in Mobile August 1st – 4th. The website is



Membership – Nick Kopp and Jason Whitehurst reporting

Fifteen attractions have confirmed their participation in the tradeshow. Ten are pending. Kopp stated that several smaller museums are closed. Ruffner Mountain representatives would like to bring a snake as part of their display if the board approves. The board agreed to allow them to do so.

Membership renewals were received from Jennifer Gowers of GoPro Event Solutions, Heather Strauss of the Embassy Suites Birmingham, and Whitney Davis of the Hampton Inn Colonnade. Lynn Brown of Alabama Splash Adventure and Shea Perkins of the Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Alliance are new members. Whitehurst announced that Perkins would like to partner with us in that ARHA has no local chapter. The membership committee will reach out to her when the tradeshow for restaurants and businesses is scheduled.


Scholarship – Tynette Lynch reporting

Lynch presented copies of Alabama Restaurant & Hospitality Alliance’s scholarship application to use as a guide in creating our own. She will find out how the judges decided on the winner.

Chairman Whitehurst will pass along her file to Lynch. She stated that our list of colleges is three years-old, therefore, we need to start from scratch. Schools in Central Alabama are our focus. Alabama and Auburn Universities are not included. A separate application will be created for high school juniors and seniors.

Grady will contact Tara Walton of the CVB. Walton serves on the advisory board of Wenonah High School’s hospitality and culinary program. She may be able to tell us what other high schools have similar programs. We do know that Hewitt Trussville has culinary program. CAHABA contributed $500 last year toward the students’ travel expenses.



Chance Walters will be moving out of state in March. Therefore, the board must appoint a replacement as stated in the bylaws. Whitehurst asked Carter to email her a list of members who represent businesses and are regular meeting attendees. A short list of these will receive an email from the Chairman asking if they are interested in serving on the board. 5


Whitehurst did not distribute the Board Commitment Schedule but stated that she will update the copy she has which was used years ago. A Visa or American Express gift card will be presented at the end of the year to the one who has the most points. All will be trusted with grading themselves honestly.


Copies of a Board Member Profile sheet were distributed. The profile asked for personal and business contact information along with hobbies, business affiliation, and professional/civic organization involvement. All were asked to complete the form and email to Carter.

Whitehurst’s due date is April 17th. She plans to attend the March meeting before starting maternity leave.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

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