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Submitted by Chris Nelson on Wed, 09/06/2017 - 12:40

Event Sales Manager Event Sales Managers (non-game day events) have an exciting role at Regions Field, as they are responsible for generating event sales, building guest relationships, and coordinating Banquet Events Orders (BEOs). Key Accountabilities: • Collaborate with clients to define their vision and needs, to generate positive results for all events. • Coordinate with necessary departments and review the details of the Banquet Event Orders to ensure the event will be executed as the guest has agreed upon. • Document final arrangement with clients on the Banquet Event Order (BEO) sheet. Obtain all specifications and appropriate information concerning the event, including number attending, schedule of event, menu, etc. Collect deposits as required at least 14 days before the event. • Coordinate with the Director of Events to hold a weekly BEO meeting regarding upcoming events, review BEO's and have a thorough understanding of all requirements on upcoming events. • Actively seek new clients and maintain working relationships. • Set up and maintain an organizational system to keep track of clients events. • Keep accurate records of the deposit schedule and make the appropriate adjustment to ensure it balances weekly. Experience & Qualifications: • Creative individual with a passion for event management and sales, hospitality and guest service skills. • Ability to successfully approach and build relationships with new businesses. • Maintains organization, ability to multitask, and deadline oriented. • Solid judgment, decision making, problem solving and conflict resolution skills with guests. • Qualified to manage multiple priorities to achieve expected outcomes at the site level, while maintaining focus on guests events wants and needs. Leadership Requirements: • Demonstrated judgment, decision making, and conflict resolution skills with guests, staff, and peers. • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills, self-confidence, and professional maturity. • Good listener, patient in stressful situations and genuine in desire to resolve issues. This is a full-time with commission and benefits position. If interested in applying please email a resume to Jennifer McGee, Director of Events,

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