August 2014 Board Minutes

Submitted by Chris Nelson on Thu, 10/09/2014 - 08:05







Jennifer Gowers, Chairman, presiding with the following board members present:


Renee Deason

Teressa Eades

Tynette Lynch

Adrienne Whitehurst


Absent Board Members

Mairs Baxter

Elizabeth Grady

Chris Nelson


Greater Birmingham CVB Staff Present

Bridget Carter




Minutes of the May meeting were distributed prior to and at this meeting. Motion to approve was made by Whitehurst, seconded by Lynch, and passed unanimously.


A June Board Meeting was held, but no minutes were recorded.  Carter was absent.




Carter reported in Grady’s absence.  Grady plans to attend the October Board Meeting after returning from maternity leave.  Whitehurst will let us know when the baby arrives, so Carter can have flowers delivered.


May 2014


Beginning Balance on 5/1      $6,531.32


Deposits ($5,579.00)

  • Deposit 5/12               $4,067.00
  • Deposit 5/29                 1,512.00


Disbursements ($1,235.01)

  • Modwest                     $    14.95
  • Sheraton                             32.06
  • Five Star Catering           1,088.00
  • Recurring transfer to Savings 100.00


Ending Balance on 5/31              $6,531.32



Beginning Balance on 5/1           $8,817.08

Deposits                                           100.38 (recurring transfer from checking + interest)

Withdrawals/Debits                             0.00


Ending Balance on 5/31             $8,917.46



Beginning Balance on 5/1            $486.20


  • Credit                                $511.00
  • Fees                                   (-17.23)


Balance 5/31                                 $979.97


TOTAL ASSETS--------------------- $16,428.75


Motion to accept the May Financial Report was made by Whitehurst, seconded by Deason, and passed unanimously.



June 2014


Beginning Balance on 6/1      $10,875.31


Deposits ($3,300.00)

  • Dues                            $   600.00
  • Meals                                  495.00
  • Golf Tournament          2,180.00
  • Christmas Party Fee            25.00


Disbursements ($3,350.86)

  • Modwest                     $     14.95
  • Jim ‘N Nick’s                     463.40 (golf tournament lunch)
  • Highland Golf Course    2,772.51
  • Transfer to Savings          100.00 (recurring)


Ending Balance on 6/30        $10,824.45



Beginning Balance on 6/1       $8,917.46

Deposits                                       100.37 (recurring transfer from checking + interest)

Withdrawals/Debits                           0.00


Ending Balance on 6/30          $9,017.83



Beginning Balance on 6/1         $979.97


  • Dues                                 125.00
  • Meals                                    84.00
  • Golf Tournament              680.00
  • Fees                                 (-28.19)


Balance 6/30                           $1,840.78


TOTAL ASSETS-------------------$21,683.06

Motion to accept the June Financial Report was made by Lynch, seconded by Whitehurst, and passed unanimously.



July 2014


Beginning Balance on 7/1      $10,824.45


Deposits ($936.00)

  • Dues                            $     375.00
  • Meals                                    561.00


Disbursements ($114.95)

  • Modwest                     $        14.95
  • Transfer to Savings             100.00 (recurring)


Ending Balance on 7/31          $11,645.50



Beginning Balance on 7/1        $ 9,017.83

Deposits                                         100.38 (recurring transfer from checking + interest)

Withdrawals/Debits                             0.00


Ending Balance on 7/31          $ 9,118.21


Beginning Balance on 7/1      $1,840.78


  • Dues                                 125.00
  • Fees                                    (-3.93)


Balance 7/31                            $1,961.85


TOTAL ASSETS------------------$22,725.56


Carter reported that Grady transferred $1,500 out of the PayPal account into checking.  This will be reflected on the August report.  Also, the Hyatt Regency Wynfrey was reminded to forward a bill for the June meeting, and the board has to decide how much of the golf tournament proceeds to give to the blind veterans.    


Motion to accept the July Financial Report was made by Deason, seconded by Eades, and passed unanimously.




Community Service – Whitehurst reporting

A Wagon Wash at Children’s Hospital will be scheduled during the fourth quarter.  The wagons on which the children are transported will be disinfected in the parking lot. 


Education – Teressa Eades reporting

Speaker/meeting schedule for the remainder of this year:

·         Sep – Jeff State Shelby/Hoover; Chef Joseph Mitchell, Program Director

·         Oct – CVB at the BJCC

·         Nov – Jimmie Hale Mission Men’s Center

·         Dec – holiday party at The Tutwiler; date and cost to be decided


Whitehurst will order the plastic shoe boxes online from the Dollar Tree instead of having to shop at more than one store to purchase the 200 needed for the men at Jimmie Hale.  Plans are to bring them to the October meeting for distribution.      


Golf Tournament – Jennifer Gowers

Great feedback was received from the golfers.  Carter provided a list of golfers, sponsors, and donors to SBRCAA who mailed “Thank You” letters. A written report on the breakdown of income ($9,855) and expenses ($3,723.04) was distributed.  The board agreed to give the blind veterans 60% of the $6,131.96 profit made from the tournament ($3,679.18).  The check will be written for $3,700.  It was suggested that the split of the proceeds be established up front for next.  The tournament is set for Thursday, June 4 at Highland.    

Gowers stated that Grady suggested doing the tournament in the fall.  Lynch announced that Corvettes for Vets would like to partner with us next year to help raise funds. 


Government – Tynette Lynch

This year’s July Governor’s Conference was a success.  Thousands of dollars were raised for scholarships through the silent auction.  Lynch appreciates all who donated.  The Battle House in Mobile will host in 2015.   


Membership – Renee Deason reporting

New members are Rick Smith – new GM at Ross Bridge, Pinder Gill – Best Western Bessemer Plus, Paul Dangel – Hyatt Regency Wynfrey, Nicholl Miller – Hotel Highland, William Truxal – Heartland Payment Systems, and Bhavna Patel – Howard Johnson.  Seventeen members renewed.  Certificates will be distributed. 


Scholarships – Adrienne Whitehurst

The board discussed awarding only one college scholarship in December since $500 was given to Hewitt Trussville back in the spring.  Maybe next year we can do one for a high school and one for college.  Gowers will assist Whitehurst in creating criteria and networking with high schools.  Joseph Mitchell can be contacted for help as well.  


The board will discuss further next month.  




According to the bylaws, Gowers is to appoint a nominating committee who’ll present a list of candidates for officers and board members for election, thirty days before the November election.  The committee will consist of herself, the Past Chairman, and three members selected by the Chairman, one of which is a board member.   


Gowers will announce that those interested in serving/being nominated should email Carter.  Whitehurst stated that her husband Jason, GM of the Rime Garden Suites, is interested. 



With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

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